Baileys Irish Cream
Large Bottle

Baileys Irish Cream 1L

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Alcohol percentage 17.0
Bottle volume ml 1000ml Extra 33%
Brand Baileys
Gift box No
Country of origin Ireland


Baileys Irish Cream was first created in 1974, and it is considered to be the first cream-based liqueur worldwide. It is usually consumed in a lowball glass with ice, as a base for cocktails or an addition for coffee ("Irish Coffee"). The liqueur is manufactured by the Irish R. A. Bailey & Co., and contains 17% alcohol.

Expert Review

“Ireland's clean air and vast open spaces allow production of exquisite cream from high-quality milk in excellent conditions, from over 40,000 cows that move freely. To make Baileys, over 4 million liters of cream, produced from 190 million liters of milk, is used annually.”

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