Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

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Alcohol percentage 40.0
Bottle volume ml 750ml
Brand Crown Royal
Country of origin Canada
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A whiskey composed of a blend of about 50 different types of whiskey. The beverage is aged in white oak barrels and is diluted with the pure water of Winnipeg lake, that is located next to the distillery. Its flavor is light and refined relatively to other whiskey brands, and it is smooth and fruity. Crown Royal is the most exquisite and famous Canadian whiskey brand in the world.

Expert Review

The beginning of this whiskey was in 1939, when it was manufactured as a tribute to the English royal couple, King George the 6th and Queen Elizabeth, on their visit to Canada. Apart from its name, other signs for the whiskey's royalty are the large red crown embedded on the wrapping of the bottle, its unique design, and the violet felt bag it is wrapped in.

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