Estrella Damm Pilsner (24 Case)
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Estrella Damm Pilsner (24 Case)

Estrella Damm Pilsner (24 Case)

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Alcohol percentage 4.7
Bottle volume ml 330ml
Brand Estrella
Country of origin Spain


Refreshing beer and easy to drink. While drinking, there is a noticeably pleasant balance of flavours. Clean and pleasing aroma, balanced between the hops and malt, Estrella Galicia Pilsen has a pale golden colour, clean and bright. It has a white head, light and creamy. It is an honest beer without great contrasts, and with a light body. Its texture is fine, with a slight touch of bitterness, which remains in the mouth once consumed.

Expert Review

A very refreshing and very easy to drink beer. The body is soft and light, though it supports his traditional bitter flavour.