Jack Daniels Master Distiller 700ml Bottle
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Jack Daniels Master Distiller Series No.2

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Alcohol percentage 43.0
Bottle volume ml 700ml
Brand Jack Daniels
Gift box No
Country of origin United States


A special and limited edition that was produced in honor of and inspired by Jack Daniels, the founder of the distillery and the first distiller in it, starting in 1863. Only 7 master distillers have been involved in the manufacturing process of this whiskey, the uniqueness of which is in its distillation process, carried out through maple wood charcoal for two weeks. And indeed, it is rich with sweet flavors and has a juicy complexion. The whiskey belongs to the whiskey Tennessee family and is produced from a combination of barley, malt and corn with pure spring water.

Only seven men have served as Master Distiller. This special bottling celebrates Mr. Jess Motlow, who saw the Distillery through Prohibition.

Expert Review

“This edition of the Master Distiller edition by Jack Daniel's presents more delicate and elegant fragrances and flavors, thanks to its unique distillation method. It is rich in sweet and fruity flavors of caramel, vanilla and maple, and one can sense a unique maturity and a soft finish that continues its sweet and unique features.”

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