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Philippines Sitio Belis Whole Beans Tinned

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Alcohol percentage 0.0
Bottle volume ml 250.0g
Gift box Yes
Country of origin Philippines
Process Washed
Roast Light


100% Arabica Beans.

Coffee was nearly wiped out in the Philippines by disease 100 years ago. But high in the mountains of Luzon island, small growers still tend to patch of Heirloom Typica and Bourbon trees.

A classic, elegant washed coffee Bright with malt and brown sugar like sweetness and hints of citrus in the aroma.

Tasting Notes

  • Palate
    Orange, Toasted Nuts & Brown sugar

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Reviews From Real Customers

Great Morning Coffee
6 Dec 2020

Fruity and richly aromatic. Best for morning Brew and must start your day with this coffee !