Chivas Regal 18 Year w/ Gift Box
  • Chivas Regal 18 Year w/ Gift Box
  • Chivas Regal 18 Year 750ml bottle

Chivas Regal 18 Year 750ml w/Gift Box

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Alcohol percentage 40.0
Bottle volume ml 750ml
Brand Chivas
Gift box Yes
Country of origin Scotland


The winner of the Best Blended Scotch Worldwide award for 2014. The Chivas Regal 18 was carefully created by the master blender Colin Scott, who formulated an amazingly rich and multi-layered whisky, produced from various types of malt and grain whiskys from different distilleries all over Scotland. The Chivas Regal 18 is much more and whisky – it is a luxurious and complex experience waiting for you to discover it.

Expert Review

“This Chivas Regal whisky has a deep amber color and rich, delightful and profound fragrances of dried fruits, butter toffee and dark chocolate. On the palate one can sense the flavors of exquisite and velvety dark chocolate, with delicate flowery features and a hint of soft and sweet smoke. The finish is surprisingly warm and lingering.”

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A classic cocktail as seen in 'The Godfather' movie

The Godfather is a scotch whisky cocktail that is rich and most commonly served with ice in an old fasioned glass. The origin or history vary from a bartender named, Donato Antone and immortalise from the popular mafia film - 'The Godfather'.

Cuisine whisky
Servings 1
Preparation time 5 minutes
Cooking time Less than one second
Nutrition 120 ccls
Category Cocktail


  1. 25ml Amaretto
  2. 50ml whisky


  1. Fill old fashion glass with ice
  2. Pour all ingredients into old fashion glass
  3. Stir gently
  4. Enjoy it on the rock

Reviews From Real Customers

Super Smooth Blend
14 Nov 2018

Hard to go wrong with this one. It is a great blend, that easy to share with friends. I bought a bottle and finished it with a couple of mates in 2 sittings.

Best blended whisky there is
14 Nov 2018

Amazingly smooth and at the best price in town. This is a steal.

Any occasion
17 Mar 2019

Any occasion to remember, to celebrate, to commemorate, to enjoy, to share, to love. This is the drink.

Enjoying the game
22 Aug 2018

Enjoying the game with food and Chivas 18 whiskey