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What is Rum?

Rum is a liquor distilled from sugarcane or its derivatives. Prior to 1500s, rum as a commercial product did not exist. It took plantations in the Caribbean producing sugar for European consumption at scale to create the conditions for it to flourish. Early forms of rum were made from sugar cane and was consumed by African slaves in Brazil. Modern rum is made from molasses, a byproduct of the sugar making process, and is enjoyed by people all over the world.

Types of Rum

Rum comes in several varieties. The two main distinctions with rum are its color. Usually they are classified as either white or dark rums. However, there are several gradations of dark rums ranging from gold to black.

Navy rums and premium aged rums could technically be of any color, but tend to be darker as they absorb the color from the aging barrel.

Overproof rums focus on the alcohol content of the rum. Again, they tend to be dark, but could be of any color.

Another way to classify rum is in the production process. Most rum is made from molasses, but Rhum Agricole is made from cane juice and then aged. In fact, Martinique has an AOC (Appelation d'Orgine Controlee) distinction for Martinque Rhum Agricole.

In addition, Haiti produces and award winning Rhum Agricole called Barbancourt.

The final type of rum is Cachaca from Brazil. It is also made from sugar cane juice, but it is not aged.

What are common rum brands?

Rum is unique amongst sprits in that in can be made in nearly any tropical environment. For historic reasons, production is concentrated in the Caribbean. However, around Asia , you can find rums produced in India, Australia, the Philippines, Japan and Thailand.

Some of the most common rums found in Singapore are the following:

  • Pyrat
  • Zacapa
  • Bacardi
  • Appleton
  • Captain Morgan
  • Malibu

Where can I find the best rum in Singapore?

At, we stock some of the above including Bacardi Carta Oro or Captain Morgan Black. If you prefer spiced or flavored rums, you can try Malibu with coconut flavor or Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum.

If you're tired of whisky you can try to sip on our some of our premium aged rums like Pyrat Reserve XO, Ron Zacapa Centenario XO or Appleton Estate Signature Blend

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