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What is tequila?

Tequila is a Mexican spirit that has been distilled. A mezcal as well, tequila is differentiated by the fact that it is primarily made only from the blue agave plant and not other agave plants. It is most often produced with 38% of alcohol content to consume domestically, but it can also be made between 31 to 55% alcohol content. It was first made near Tequila town in Jalisco, Mexico.

Types of tequila

A tequila is only a tequila if it is entirely made of the blue agave plant. Otherwise, it is known as a mixto, which is approximately 51% made with blue agave.

There are four general types of tequila:

  • Blanco(White) / Silver is a traditional, strong tequila made fully from blue agave that is bottled right after distillation without adding anything nor aging it. It is clear, and has the taste and scent of blue agave. It is commonly consumed in a shot glass.
  • Oro (Gold) is a type of tequila that has been aged for around two months in oak barrels, and has a tinge of gold colour in it, like its name. There is also another type of Oro tequila that has been matured and given its colour by flavorings such as caramel.
  • Reposado (Rested) is a Blanco tequila that has been aged between two months to a year in white oak barrels called pipones. It is generally light and smooth.
  • Añejo ("aged" or "vintage") is also a tequila that is made entirely of blue agave plant with a clean yet complex flavour. It has been aged in an oak barrel for at least a year. Reserva is a kind of Anejo that certain tequila producers hold up to 8 years. The extra aged, aka "extra anejo", is a tequila that has been aged for 3 years and above. Out of all the anejos, the Reserva is the most renowned among tequila lovers, and is well known to be the top among all kinds of tequila.

What are common tequila brands?

Some of the most common tequilas found in Singapore are the following:

  • Don Julio
  • Patron
  • Jose Cuervo

The most traditional way to drink tequila is neat, without lime and salt. It is popular in some regions to drink fine tequila with a side of sangrita (a sweet, sour, and spicy drink typically made from orange juice, grenadine (or tomato juice), and hot chilli).

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