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Jagermeister 1L

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Alcohol percentage 35.0
Bottle volume ml 1000.0ml
Brand Jägermeister
Gift box No
Country of origin Germany


Jagermeister ("Master hunter" in German) is a bittersweet liqueur produced from more than 50 natural components, some of which are soaked in alcohol and rest are distilled. Among the components of the secret ingredients can be found various spices, such as clove, ginger, coriander and cinnamon, as well as herbs, fruits, and wood barks.

The Jagermeister is generally served straight from the freezer, and it contains 35% alcohol.

Expert Review

“Like many other alcoholic beverages, Jagermeister was also initially manufactured as a medicine. To this day the beverage, which was invented by Wilhelm Mast in 1934, is attributed with qualities for relieving throat and digestion problems.

The design of the bottle relates to the name of the beverage, based on the story of Saint Hubertus, who according to the legend saw a huge glowing cross over the head of the deer he wished to hunt.

In the 1980s the Jagermeister was discovered by the American businessman Sidney Frank, who identified the marketing potential, bought the import rights for the product to the USA, and in only a few years turned it into an international hit.”

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