Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

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That's right. Give peace a chance with this historic pairing. Bear Hug Rum Infusions are a hit in South Korea...if only they were available in the North. Jim Beam is the world's #1 Kentucky Bourbon and an American favorite. Get these two great products in one FANTASTIC bundle. Make history!

Included in This Bundle

  • Large Bottle
    Jack Daniels Black 1L

    1 x Jack Daniels Black 1L

    1000ml Extra 43%

    One of the most famous whiskey brands worldwide. Jack Daniel's is a light and sweet Tennessee whi...

  • Large Bottle
    Bear Hug Rum Infusion Mango 1L

    1 x Bear Hug Rum Infusion Mango 1L

    1000ml Extra 43%

    A tropical paradise infusion. Juicy, sweet, sun-grown mangos artfully merged with Premium five-ti...

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