Peace Package

Peace Package

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Bear Hug is the #1 selling infused spirit in Korea.

Knob Creek is an authentic American bourbon whiskey.

What better way to promote peace than to offer these two spectacular products in one AMAZING and affordable bundle.

Included in This Bundle

  • Large Bottle
    Limited Stock
    Bear Hug Tequila Infusion Chili Pepper 1L

    1 x Bear Hug Tequila Infusion Chili Pepper 1L

    1000ml Extra 33%

    When you're ready to kick the party up a notch, break out the spicy heat of an authentic Chili Pe...

  • Limited Stock
    Knob Creek Bourbon 700ml

    1 x Knob Creek Bourbon 700ml


    A powerful, multilayered Bourbon Whiskey in the style of the turn of the century from the time of...

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