Campari Bitter 750ml

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Alcohol percentage 25.0
Bottle volume ml 750ml
Brand Campari
Gift box No
Country of origin Italy


The intense aroma and inspiring flavour creates a captivating and unique drinking experience. These are the values that have made the Campari brand famous throughout the world as an icon of passionate Italian style and excellence.

Expert Review

“Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure when it comes to aperitifs.”

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Cuisine Apertif
Servings 1
Preparation time 3 minutes
Cooking time Less than one second
Nutrition 187 ccls
Category Cocktail


  1. 45 ml of Campari
  2. 45 ml of Your Favourite Sweet Vermouth
  3. 89 ml of soda
  4. Lemon twist or orange slice


  1. Pour Campari & sweet vermouth into glass filled with ice cubes
  2. Add in soda into glass
  3. Garnish lemon twist or orange slice

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