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Canadian Mist 1L Bottle
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Canadian Mist 1L

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Alcohol percentage 40.0
Bottle volume ml 1000ml Extra 33%
Brand Canadian Mist
Gift box No
Country of origin Canada


Canadian Mist is a true blended whisky. It’s the world’s first whisky that uses fresh water from Georgian Bay, one of North America’s freshest water sources. Made at Canada’s oldest continuously owned and operated distillery in Collingwood, Ontario, Canadian Mist is aged in the finest white oak barrels, and charred to exact specifications to impart its smooth vanilla flavor.

The Canadian Mist Distillery is built on the shores of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, source of some of North America’s freshest water. By 1983, Canadian Mist was America’s best-selling Canadian whisky. Today, Canadian Mist remains one of America’s top-selling Canadian Whisky brands, with a nearly 10 percent market share

Expert Review

“COLOR: Rich honey

AROMA: Fair oak and vanilla notes, with a very mild fruit medley essence; a hint of brown sugar opens up

TASTE: A soft, light sweetness dissolves into a mild oak profile

FINISH: Clean and cool, with a quick fade”

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manhattan in glass with cherries

An essential guide to a classic easy to make cocktail

Cuisine Bourbon
Servings 1
Preparation time 3 minutes
Cooking time Less than one second
Nutrition 127 ccls
Category Cocktail


  1. 60 ml of Your Favourite Bourbon or Your Favourite Canadian Whiskey
  2. 30 ml of Your Favourite Sweet Vermouth
  3. 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  4. Cherries


  1. Pour ingredients except cherries into mixing glass with ice cube. Stir to mix well
  2. Strain mixture into cocktail glass
  3. Garnish with cherries

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