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Four Pillars Australian Christmas Edition 700ml

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Alcohol percentage 43.8
Bottle volume ml 700ml
Brand Four Pillars
Gift box No
Country of origin Australia


A special annual release made by distilling Christmas puddings, and ageing that gin 100-year old Muscat barrels. Tastes like gin, smells like Christmas.

Each year on Derby Day, Cam distills Christmas puddings by putting them in the botanical basket of our still and distilling a base of juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander seed and angelica over the top. This gin is then aged in 100+ year old Muscat barrels. Cam adds some Muscat to finish, rounding out the palate and adding a touch of richness.

The result smells like gin and tastes like Christmas. Aromatics of classic juniper and a hint of cinnamon, back up with a rich, luscious palate with a hint of sweetness from the Muscat and richness from the extended barrel ageing.

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