Grey Goose 1L FREE Chiller Pack Special Ed. Tanqueray No. Ten 24 x Red Bull Energy Drink Can Case
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Festive Vodka, Gin and Red Bull Bundle

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Included in This Bundle

  • Large Bottle
    Grey Goose 1L bottle with Chiller Pack

    1 x Grey Goose 1L FREE Chiller Pack Special Ed.

    1000ml Extra 33%

    Get a FREE CHILLER PACK with this bottle of Grey Goose. Representing one of the original and m...

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    Tanqueray No. Ten Bottle

    1 x Tanqueray No. Ten 700ml


    Out of Stock

    Passion and attention to detail in perfect measure, is a recipe for exquisite results. Tanqueray ...

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    Red Bull Energy Drink Can

    1 x 24 x Red Bull Energy (European) Drink Can Case 250ml

    24 x 250ml

    Out of Stock

    Vitalizes Body and Mind. Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage providing wings whenev...

Bottle volume ml 26 items


The Tanqueray No. TEN that got its name from the stills of its origin is a gin that is made from fresh citrus fruits that definitely tastes the best with ice. Every sip would bring you to a fruity paradise for its refreshing citrusy experience.

To pair it up, we have the iconic Grey Goose vodka bundled together with the Tanqueray, and it even comes with a FREE limited edition chiller pack! The Grey Goose is a great favourite vodka among everyone for its soft sweetness that develops into a smooth, balanced texture alongside a tinge of almond, that envelopes the mouth.

The Red Bull? Needless to say, it gives you wings! It is a must-have for every festival, party, etc. Not only is it established as a great energy boost, it is a great mixer to have as well!

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