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Kinoshita Umeshu Bunzo 720ml Bottle
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Kinoshita Umeshu Bunzo 720ml

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Alcohol percentage 18.0
Bottle volume ml 720.0ml
Brands Oneshot Soju, Kinoshita
Gift box No
Country of origin Japan


The Kinoshita Brewery is located in Taragi Town, where the clear stream Kuma River runs through the Hitoyoshi Basin. Since its founding, it has been sticking to traditional manufacturing methods in the same place, aiming to make shochu with a unique aroma and richness. "Taragi Bunzo Ji" is sung in folk songs, but the name of its founder "Bunzo" is used as a brand of shochu.

The refreshing aroma of ripe plums and the sweetness of apricot kernel melt in your mouth and are very comfortable. Rather than fruity, it is a mellow type with a rich flavor that gives you a sense of depth in the freshness, less alcohol, and a long lingering finish.

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