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Kitamura Shojo Junmai Daiginjo Namagensyu Zenki 720ml with Gift Box

Kitamura Shojo Junmai Daiginjo Namagensyu Zenki w/Gift Box 720ml

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Alcohol percentage 15.0
Bottle volume ml 720.0ml
Brand Shojo
Gift box Yes
Country of origin Japan


Named after the Japanese animation "Ghost Boy", it is brewed with three A-grade brewed rice from across the country. Single brewing, the rice polishing process is exactly the same as the brewing method, and the individuality of each brewed rice is displayed.

With the theme of the ancient Yoshino mountain ascetic monk, he plays one of the guardian angels who guard the protagonist "Little Horn". The sake rice is selected from Fukui Prefecture's A-grade sake brewed good rice ~ Yamada Nishiki. The wine has a stable quality and aroma, and has the unique elegance of Yamada Nishiki. It is a versatile wine.

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