La Gerla Grappa Di Montalcino
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La Gerla Grappa Di Montalcino 500ml

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Alcohol percentage 43.0
Bottle volume ml 500.0ml
Brand Peccavi
Gift box No
Country of origin Italy
Varietal Sangiovese


La Grappa di Brunello La Gerla is obtained from continuous distillation of the marc separated from the must after soft pressing by means of a steam still and the redistillation of the residue through the distillation columns. The marc is worked fresh from fermentation after a suitable maceration period. Afterwards the grappa is aged in stainless steel vats for no less than eight months. In this way the aromas and sensory features of Sangiovese Grosso can be brought out. The perfection union of modern technology and past traditions make for a winning combination in a product that fully reflects the unparalleled characteristics of the Montalcino area.

Tasting Notes

  • Palate
    Fruity, persistent, decisive, harmonious
  • Nose Nose
    Intense body, unusual aromas
  • Appearance Appearance
    Limpid, diamond-like with faint purplish highlights

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