Wyborowa Vodka 750ml
Wyborowa Vodka 750ml

Wyborowa Vodka 750ml

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Alcohol percentage 40.0
Bottle volume ml 750ml
Brand Wyborowa
Country of origin Poland


The Pure Rye Grain combined with traditional distillation technique, perfected for close to a century, and pristine water from our own well gives Wybo its exceptional smootheness.

The grain is steamed, fermented and distilled. Then the spirit is transported to the rectification plant where it goes through a multi-column rectification – this is a process that purifies the spirit, cleans impurities and adds final character to the product.

Expert Review

Wyborowa has a grainy, fruity and slightly flowery notes and a long, exceptionally smooth finish.

Wybo is GMO free and Kosher certified.

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