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Nikaido Kichomu Shochu 720ml Bottle
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Nikaido Kichomu Shochu 720ml

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Alcohol percentage 25.0
Bottle volume ml 720.0ml
Brands Oneshot Soju, Kichomu
Gift box Yes
Country of origin Japan


It is the highest quality product that has been stored and aged under the title of "Oita Mugi Shochu Nikaido", which is the representative of Oita folk tales, "Nozu no Yoshishiroku-san".

The feature is that the standard barley shochu is further matured after distillation, and the mellow aroma peculiar to authentic shochu and the mellow texture are enhanced, and it is a gem with a soft and refreshing taste.

The letters on the jar are all handwritten by craftsmen, and no one is the same.

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