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What is vodka?

There’s some dispute whether Russians or Poles first developed vodka. Most people would give credit to Russia for developing the immediate modern pre-cursor to vodka in the 9th century. The type of vodka you can find today in Singapore or Tokyo is pretty standard. It is usually made with a fermented grain (rye, corn, wheat) or potatoes and then distilled. What you’re left with is an colorless and almost odorless liquid.

Types of vodka

As with nearly every modern spirit, you can find different varieties of vodka. One way to classify vodkas is whether it is Eastern/flavored vs Western/neutral style. Eastern style vodka (traditionally from Russia or Poland) will be more flavorful. An extreme example of this would be flavored vodkas which add additional aromas on top of the base spirit.

Western or neutral style vodkas tend to be the modern vodka that have been heavily marketed. They emphasize the number of times the vodka is filtered to remove “impurities”. One side-effect of the filtration process is to remove the flavor profiles from the fermented matter (e.g., grapes, corn, potatoes, etc…). This leaves a very clear, nearly flavorless vodka which can be mixed with anything or just sipped neat.

What are common vodka brands?

Although its origins are in Europe, you can find vodka produced and consumed all around the world. From New York to Singapore you can enjoy vodka-based drinks from a variety of brands.

Some of the most common vodkas found in Singapore are the following:

  • Absolut
  • Beluga
  • Grey Goose
  • Belvedere
  • Stolichnaya

Where can I find the best-priced vodka in Singapore?

We stock premium vodkas meant for sipping alongside others better suited for mixed drinks. We have flavored vodka and neutral vodka as well. Our Beluga Gold Line Vodka is super premium vodka packaged in an elegant leather box. In 2014, it won the Rum Howler award for Best Overall Vodka.

Best prices in Singapore for online vodka

If you're in Singapore and looking to shop for vodka online, use Paneco.com to find a wide assortment of vodka and other spirits delivered to your doorstep with no hidden fees. We provide top-shelf alcohol straight to your house, with minimal hassle and absolutely nothing coming between you and the brands you love.