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What is gin?

Gin is a liquor made from mashed grains e.g. barley, that is centered around the primary flavour of juniper berries. It is a clear liquor that originated from Holland and is heavily made in the United Kingdom, but can be made anywhere. Similar to vodka, gin is a column-distilled liquor, however, they're different in terms of their distillation, whereby gin is infused with special blends of botanicals to produce a deliberate flavour.

Types of gin

London Dry Gin is the most common type of gin that many are familiar with. Despite its name, it does not have to be produced in London. In fact, it is is known for gaining its juniper berry flavour from neutral spirits, also known as alcohol made from grain mash, that has been re-distilled by infusing botanicals.

Dutch Genever is historically known as the original kind of gin. Interestingly, "Genever" actually means "Juniper" in dutch. Similar to whisky, it is made with malted mashed grains, e.g. corn and wheat. Then, it is infused with the juniper berry in its second distillation, followed by a third distillation of other botanicals. In other words, the Dutch Genever can be considered as a union of both whisky and gin.

Old Tom is known as a sweeter version of gin that is infused with fewer botanicals compared to most other gins. It is sometimes dubbed as "the missing link" due to its sweeter taste compared to London Dry Gin and being drier compared to the Dutch Genever.

Compound Gin is a type of gin that does not go through a re-distillation. It is produced by adding either artificial or natural botanicals and flavourings into a neutral spirit.

What are common gin brands?

Some of the most common gins found in Singapore are the following:

  • Beefeater
  • Tanqueray
  • Bombay Sapphire
  • Hendrick's

Where can I find the best-priced gin in Singapore?

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